At Snobar Realty, our dedicated agents and support staff members are here to guide and prepare you for the selling process, ensuring you’re ready to achieve the best possible price for your property.

Essential Strategy can help in successful sale of your property

1. Choose the Best Agent for the Job
Selecting the right agent is crucial. At SNOBAR REALTY INC., our agents are experts in their field, equipped with extensive market knowledge. We strategically price your property for maximum exposure and leverage strong negotiation skills to meet your needs. Our support staff ensures seamless communication and addresses additional needs throughout the process. 

2. Price Right to Profit More
A strategic pricing strategy is key to increasing exposure, showings, and ultimately, profits. Our agents at SNOBAR REALTY INC. strategically price your home for efficient sales, avoiding a prolonged period on the market with zero showings.


3. Prepare to Amaze
We believe in the power of creating an inviting and attractive space for potential buyers. Our in-house staging services enhance your property’s appeal, ensuring it shows well, is clean, and clutter-free. Additionally, our construction and renovation services can address any issues or enhance your property for a higher profit.

4. Maximize Exposure to Buyers
Snobar Realty, employs various marketing channels to increase exposure to potential buyers. Your property will be prominently featured on our website, with a dedicated webpage showcasing its best features. Active on social media platforms, we reach a wide audience. Our in-house marketing team develops brochures, flyers, booklets, and more. Professional photos and videos, including HD photos, drone photos, virtual tours, and 3D home tours, effectively showcase your property.


5. Show it Off!
Our agents organize open houses to showcase your property. We create an inviting environment, provide information such as brochures and school details, engage with potential buyers, and offer real-time feedback. In some instances, we may arrange an agent’s open house to further maximize exposure.


6. Negotiate
During the negotiation process, our agents go beyond securing the best price. We consider factors such as conditions (home inspection, financing), closing date, deposit amount, and more. Snobar Realty, negotiates all aspects of the contract on your behalf.