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The Neighbourhood of Erindale

Although Erindale is north of the QEW, it resembles areas in the southern part of Mississauga in that it is divided between older, much more affordable classic ranch bungalows and two-story homes from the 1970s and the extremely opulent multi-million dollar residences that line the Credit Woodlands.

In terms of neighborhood extremes, Erindale almost seems like its own Clarkson-Lorne Park. Not that those who aren’t extremely wealthy wouldn’t find Erindale to be an attractive neighbourhood. Quite the contrary, actually. With the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus right outside, the area boasts lovely tree-lined avenues, lots of parks, and rental houses for investors.

Erindale Schools

Erindale’s “Woodlands” school zone does well academically, however the two best schools are situated in the pricier area of the city. In the TOP 25 Schools in Mississauga, those would be Hawthorn PS (rated#17) and Ellengale PS (ranked #11). You’ll find a more average ranking in the more reasonable and cost-effective parts of Erindale, but it’s still pretty good in Mississauga!


Elementary public schools consist of:

Ellengale PS | Hawthorn PS | McBride PS | Queenstown PS | Springfield PS


Commuting & Retail in Erindale

Erindale has a GO station (called Erindale GO) that is well positioned for commuters traveling to downtown. Aside from that, getting to your typical big-box stores requires a bit of a hike, and the layout of the neighborhood makes you feel somewhat cut off from the rest of the city. For those seeking a more serene neighborhood that is still somewhat close to Square One, this would be ideal.

Erindale’s northern section is reachable by highway 403, while Mississauga Road connects Erindale to the QEW at its southernmost point.