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In 1819, Timothy Street financed the survey of what is now Streetsville. By 1829, the local post office adopted the name “Streetville” in honor of Timothy Street. Incorporated as a village in 1859 and as a town in 1862, Streetsville saw industrial growth until the 1850s when railway lines bypassed the town. By the 1900s, it transitioned into a rural community. In 1974, Streetsville merged into the City of Mississauga, preserving its historic charm.



Proudly heralded as “The Village In The City” of Mississauga, Streetsville exudes a charming rural ambiance amidst the encroachment of urbanization. Historic residences dating back to the 1800s line Queen Street S., now predominantly housing locally-owned businesses. The village’s scenic backdrop is enhanced by landmarks such as the Reid Mill, churches, and the picturesque Credit River valley. The Streetsville arena complex, including the Hazel McCallion community hall, stands as a premier neighborhood facility. The annual Bread and Honey Festival, held in June, epitomizes the community spirit with live performances, carnival attractions, and culinary delights.


With over 300 shops, services, and dining establishments, Streetsville offers a vibrant shopping and culinary scene. The Streetsville Business Improvement Association ensures a top-tier shopping experience through ongoing beautification efforts and year-round events, attracting visitors to its lively village district.


Streetsville boasts the largest collection of historical homes in Mississauga, meticulously maintained and reflecting a sense of pride in ownership. Surrounding the village core, detached homes and townhouses, often inspired by their heritage counterparts, provide diverse housing options.


The Vic Johnston Community Centre, a focal point for hockey, skating, and community gatherings, has been a cornerstone of Streetsville for over five decades. Recently renovated, it houses the Streetsville Hockey League and the GTHL’s Streetsville Tigers. Adjacent to the center lies Streetsville Memorial Park, spanning 30 acres along the Credit River, offering amenities such as swimming, soccer fields, and picturesque walking trails. The park hosts the annual Bread & Honey Festival, a beloved community tradition since 1973.


Residents can indulge in live performances at the Meadowvale Theatre, featuring music, drama, comedy, and dance. The “Meadowvale Theatre Presents” series offers a subscription-based program catering to diverse artistic tastes.