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In the 1950s, E.P. Taylor, a prominent Canadian entrepreneur, recognized the potential of the picturesque landscape in the creation of a residential development. His company, Don Mills Development Corp, meticulously assembled land in the area, culminating in the announcement of the establishment of Erin Mills, a visionary “New Town.” The development unfolded in four phases: Erin Mills South in the 1970s, Erin Mills West in the mid-1980s, Erin Mills Central in 1989, and Churchill Meadows between 2000 and 2010. Notably, Churchill Meadows, while distinct, has historically been considered part of the broader Erin Mills community.


Nestled along the Credit River Valley, Erin Mills boasts a captivating topography marked by rolling hills and verdant landscapes. Winding streets shaded by mature trees define this neighborhood, with the University of Toronto’s Mississauga Campus serving as a prominent landmark, sprawling across 225 acres within a protected greenbelt along the Credit River.


Boundaries delineate Erin Mills, with Highway 407 to the west, the Credit River to the east, Britannia Road to the north, and Dundas Street to the south. The neighborhood is colloquially divided into Central Erin Mills, north of Highway 403, and Erin Mills to the south, distinct from neighboring areas like Churchill Meadows and Erindale.


Erin Mills Town Centre stands as a vibrant community hub, offering a plethora of shops, restaurants, and regular events, including the presence of major retailers such as Walmart. South Common Centre serves as another notable shopping destination, featuring a diverse array of retailers and amenities.


Erin Mills accommodates a diverse range of housing options, from ranch-style bungalows and custom-built residences nestled around the Credit River Valley to various subdivisions comprising townhomes, semi-detached, and detached homes, primarily constructed between 1970 and 2010. Additionally, apartment and condominium buildings grace the main thoroughfares of the neighborhood.


The community benefits from exceptional recreational facilities, such as the Erin Meadows Community Centre and Library, a modern facility offering swimming, fitness activities, sports leagues, and versatile community spaces. Similarly, the South Common Community Centre provides indoor and outdoor recreational amenities, including a library, fitness facilities, and outdoor skating rinks.


Visual Arts Mississauga, situated at 4170 Riverwood Park Lane, serves as a vibrant hub for artistic expression, offering a wide range of programs and classes tailored for both adults and children. The organization also hosts various art events and sales, enriching the cultural fabric of the Erin Mills community.