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Snobar Realty Group Inc. is a boutique brokerage serving the Greater Toronto Area.  It was founded in 2016 with three guiding principles: Real Estate | Community | Philanthropy.  Each of our agent's are committed to the communities they service by bringing the utmost dedication towards improving the lives of those we encounter.  

Real Estate is our passion.  Our committment to our clients is unparalleled.  When listing properties, our comprehensive marketing plans are strategically built to target and reach the most amount of qualified buyers.  Although the Canadian identity is engrained deep in all of us, we understand that each community is unique in its own ways, and requires things to be done in a slightly different way.  We're up for the challenge.  Time and time again, our clients close their transactions completely satisfied with the results.

We also believe that Real Estate is a community business.  That is why we engage in the very fabric of the communities we serve.  Whether its hosting BBQ events, or sponsoring local teams, we believe that helping our community grow, helps as grow as well.

That said, our philanthropic efforts are also community focused.  Our company recently sponsored $21,000 for the building of a new school playground to replace one that was 40 years outdated at Springfield P.S. in Mississauga!  We are also proud sponsors of the Mississauga Milk Fund, and the Mississauga Chiefs girls midget hockey team.

We look forward to serving our communities for many more years to come.